#1 clothing item to make an instant Face Mask DIY


It seems that everyone is getting into the Face Mask Fashion business from clothing designers to General Motors but with everyone still at home and locked down the DIY face mask craze is taking off and a pair of boxer shorts are all you need.

Lucia Sol of Uranta Mindful Clothing (www.uranta.com) takes a pair of her son's boxer shorts (clean of course) and shows how to make a quick DIY face mask, because where she lives in Mexico its mandatory to have a face mask whenever you go out in public.

They say that any layer of fabric is better than no layer of fabric, and if you can find some pantyhose, researchers at Northeastern University say the particle filtration with a pantyhose layer is even higher than an N95 mask made by 3M. But then of course you are wearing boxer shorts and pantyhose on your head - but these are crazy times we are living in.

Of course, if you have lots of employees or customers that are going to need masks then maybe buying a stock of high quality cloth masks, maybe even with your branding is a good idea to provide a bit of face covering protection to the workday. Something that is discrete and comfortable, doesn't absorb moisture and is washable so good for the environment. Go to www.uranta.ca where you can buy polyester/spandex knitted face masks starting at 99 cents each for 1000.


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