10 Little Black Face Mask Coverings to buy now to juice up any wardrobe


The trend toward the acceptance of wearing face masks in western countries is on the rise with more than two-thirds of Canadians wearing masks when they venture into public up from only twenty percent a few weeks ago.

A poll from DART & Maru/Blue found that two-thirds of people agree they must wear a face mask in public and over 80% said masks should be worn in barber shops and hair salons.

"It's fascinating in two months how much behaviour can change and really turn on a dime," Toni Schmader, a social psychology professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver told CBC news.


LuxMea Studio has raised over $100,000 for its futuristic mask that they plan to mass produce with 3D printing and will use AI technology to custom design each mask to the face of the buyer.


A concert that will take place next week in Arkansas by country-rock musician Travis McCready will see the introduction of fan pods, sanitation foggers and the necessity for concert goers to wear masks.

So with the new fashion accessory the Face Mask, we have made a list of 10 random mask makers that have made their version of the Little Black Mask. All of these masks listed here are non-medical face coverings that are reusable and washable and in some cases have pockets for additional filters.


Ministry of Supply has created some impressive face mask fashion with its $50 kit

Clothing brand Ministry of Supply has come out with a well designed face mask covering in an array of neutral tones with our favorite of course being their little black mask with signature logo around the cheek bone area.

They sell the reusable and machine washable mask in a US$50 kit with 10 polypropylene filters.

This is a good looking mask that is bound to fit well with adjustable straps for ears or head and an adjustable nose clip.


  • Filter Pocket: yes
  • Material: 72% vicose, 28% polyester
  • Straps: around the head or adjustable to around the ears
  • Giving back: for every purchase of a mask kit they will give one mask to frontline workers


Title of work one of a kind little black masks that will rock your look and your pocketbook

Neckwear designer Title of Work has created a one of a kind line of face mask coverings using upcycled materials in a collection that is as unique as it is expensive.

The masks range from US$150 to US$250 but come with either an embroidered feature, like the embroidered moth , or subtle beaded designs like their beaded spider.

They also have the incredibly amazing Center zip mask, which essentially has a small zipper running up the centre line that can be opened for sipping drinks from a straw.


  • Filter pocket: no
  • Material : tulley overlay, silk, nylon
  • Straps: around the ears
  • Giving Back: 20% of all sales donated to No Kid Hungry


Narces face masks

If and when we can get back to fancy dinner parties or the opera, then eveningwear designer Narces has the collection that will dazzle and amaze. Seventeen face masks adorn the designer’s website with names that tell all – gold silver sequin mask, camouflage mask, gold lace organza etc and a little black mask for those elegant evenings out.

The 3-layer 100% woven polyester masks are available in one-size and retail for $30 each. The company says each mask is cut individually and the print details are unique to each mask – so a one of a kind face mask fashion piece. BUY IT HERE

  • Filter pocket – No
  • Material – 100% woven polyester
  • Straps – elastic band ear loops
  • How are they helping – buy one mask, and two masks are donated to local health care


Uranta Mindful Clothing offers wholesale prices on Little Black Masks

Yoga clothing brand Uranta Mindful Clothing has turned to its workshops to start producing LIttle Black Masks for wholesale purchasers.

The masks are super comfortable and the price at only 99 cents each for bulk orders of 1000 make these masks the perfect accessory for company's that want affordable protection for their customers and workforce.

There are two masks.  The Econo mask which is two layers of Nylon, a pocket for a filter and comfy ear straps. And the Premium mask that is a cotton polyester, 2 layer blend. BUY IT HERE.

  • Filter pocket: yes
  • Material: nylon and cotton polyester blend
  • Straps: around the ear cloth covered elastic
  • Giving Back: Uranta continues to fund community building projects with its Stitches That Matter program  


Fashion retailer SHAN has a nice collection of what they call their “Protective Mask” with 8 colors/patterns available.

If these masks could speak, they would likely ‘speak in monotone’, as the color pallet is rather muted – but who wants their mask to do the screaming for them anyhow especially when you are looking for a simple black mask ?

These masks are made of a double layer of blended Lycra and range in price between $18 and $24. BUY IT HERE

  • Filter pocket – no
  • Material -  Lycra: 75% Polinyamide, 25% Elastane
  • Straps – bi-elastic


Revol Girl Little Black Face Masks are made from the company's signature underwear fabric

From the makers of period proof underwear that are breathable and reusable, Revol Girl has a line of masks ranging from basic to standard to premium priced at $12-$25.

The premium black mask are infused with Silavadur anti-microbial ions, which the company says are positively charged and act to reduce the amount of particles that can pass through the mask.

The masks are lined with bamboo and organic cotton fleece and are said to make you feel “less anxious” when out and about. BUY IT HERE

  • Filter pocket – no
  • Material – proprietary
  • Straps – over ear elastic
  • Giving Back -- $2 from every mask donated to Greater Vancouver Food Bank


Atelier Grandi has some nice Little Black Face Masks for those date night smoochers

If you love lips then you are going to love this smoochy collection from Vancouver-based designer Grandi with absolutely dozens of different puckers to adorn this double layer polyrayon face mask.

The masks have a pocket inside for a slip in filter and retail for $25.50 each on the company’s Etsy store. BUY IT HERE

  • Filter Pocket: yes
  • Material: polyrayon
  • Straps: behind the ears


Dream Designs

Little black face mask covering to buy now from Dream Designs in Vancouver

This Vancouver, Canada based company has been making organic cotton apparel since 1981 and is now producing a 2-layer organic cotton mask in three colors.

These tightly woven 100% organic masks are washable, breathable and reusable and retail for C$12 each.

The company says on its website that it will take about 10-days to fulfill and ship the order, and they offer a 20% discount for medical workers. BUY IT HERE

  • Filter pocket; No
  • Material : 100% organic cotton
  • Straps:  elastic ear straps or head ties


Monster Muffin has their face mask coverings in multi colors including black

If your looking for a super simple mask at an affordable price then this maker of urban street wear might have you covered.

The Monster Muffin face mask ties up around the back of the head and neck and is a black cotton polyester blend with the Monster Muffin logo on the bottom corner.

On the inside of the mask is a second layer of cotton spandex in either white or baby blue. These sharp looking masks are priced right at $10 each or if you buy 10 only $8 each. BUY IT HERE

  • Filter pocket: no
  • Material: cotton/polyester blend
  • Straps: tie around neck and head
  • Giving back: they encourage you to donate a mask at $8 each and leave a note for who is going to be the end wearer


H4X has a collection of little black face masks with some signature edge for the gamer crowd

If your looking to add a bit of edge to your wardrobe, then this street wear – gaming – clothing manufacturer out of Montreal has just the face covering you need.

H4X has three out of this world designs displayed on their website, triple layer 100% polyester masks selling for $25 each.

Take your pick from Monster Mouth, V3NOM, or Life On Other Worlds, but be careful because the V3NOM  “Does not guarantee protection from poison.”


  • Filter pocket: no
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Ear Straps: black behind the ears
  • Giving Back” 19% of proceeds go to WHO and COVID-19 Solidarity Defense Fund



DSPTCH not so little black face mask for a more industrial mask look

This Face Mask Covering from tote and bag maker Dsptch is not what we would call little or elegant but it certainly is substantial and as the company says designed for comfort and re-usability.

The company’s masks come in small, medium and large and feature a unique quick release for the nylon and elastic band around the head design.

The masks are two layers with the outside a 100% cotton ripstop and the interior a softer 100% cotton muslin fabric “for breathability” BUY IT HERE

  • Filter pocket:: yes
  • Material : 100% cotton
  • Straps : around the head
  • Giving back: 100% of the profits to San Francisco Bay area non profits



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