10 places where wearing a face mask will be mandatory in 2020


Face Mask Fashion is going mainstream with home cosmetics retailer Avon and low priced fashion retailer Old Navy both announcing that they are in the process of introducing the face mask covering fashion accesory into their line-ups.

And its not only the characters that will be wearing face masks at Disneyland, with the Shanghai Disneyland opening today but only with strict social distancing and face mask measures in place.

The Verge online newspaper called it :"The new normal from the house of mouse"

I am predicting that face masks will become the number one fashion accessory in 2020 with just about every major brand jumping on the trend and the necessity for people to wear masks in public -- or not go out at all.

Avon's Global chief executive Angela Cretu was quoted as saying that mask coverings will become the "must have accessory" and the cosmetics company is looking at ways to make them beautiful. Cretu says that fashion statement face masks are going to be a bit hit in 2020.

Meanwhile, Old Navy says its face masks will be ready to buy June 7, and it is already selling a pack of 5 on its website for a remarkably low price of $12.50.


1. Airlines -- Major airlines like Air Canada have already announced that along with social distancing, employees and customers will be obliged to wear face masks on all the airlines flights. American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines all started making masks mandatory as of today.

2.  Supermarkets -- Major supermarket chaings like T&T Supermarkets and Longos in Canada have already implemented mandatory face mask policies

3 Hardware stores -- Although the policiy differs country to country, big box retailer Home Depot has customers and employees in Mexico wearing face mask coverings in order to enter the store

4. Big Box retailers -- Costco big box retailer was among the first but probably not the last major retailer to implement a mandatory face mask policy for both workers and customers

5. Airports -- LAX and Orlando airports are among a growing list of airports making the wearing of face mask coverings mandatory.

6. Trains -- Amtrax and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transport Authority have both mandated face masks for customers and customer facing employees.

7. Movie theatres -- They can't keep us away from the big screen forever and while movie theatres are a long way off from opening, and an even longer time away from being packed, Chinese theatres are on the verge of reopening and face masks are mandatory.

8. Fitness gyms -- Gyms in Colorado are slowly starting to get the green light to reopen but those that attend better find themselves breathable and comfy masks because this is going to be the new gym fasjhion accessory for the near future. “I’d say about 98% of everyone who comes in is absolutely OK with wearing a mask,” said Crossroads Fitness Operations Director Sabrina Suazo in Mesa county.

9. Theme parks -- Shanghai Disneyland opened back up again today and while the US parks are still closed and Canad'a Wonderland for example has yet to open its Spring Season in Toronto, it's more than likely that theme parks will request that all their visitors will wear face masks -- but how they will achieve social distancing on a packed Summer Saturday is hard to fathom.

A man prays with a face mask covering in the new world of face mask fashion statements

10. Museums/cultural centres -- Walking around your favorite art gallery or museum will likely come with an added fashion accessory as face mask fashion is now starting to become mandatory -- and the Vatican Museums is one of the first to selectively reopen but with temperature scans and mandatroy face mask wearing.

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