15 places where to buy face masks online if you don't want to DIY


It's incredible that there are now more than 50 countries where wearing face masks of some sort is mandatory.

The world is going to need the equivalent of a "weedmaps" for face mask wearing so that people like you and me know when it is a mandatory, suggested or mask free zone.


Designers around the world have turned to making face mask fashion and factories have followed suit by turning entire production lines into 24/7 face mask fashion machines.


And for all of us locked down folks -- One of the most prolific hobbies of the 2020 global lockdown was the starting up of sewing machines and looking up patterns for homemade, DIY face masks.

What's been created is just amazing - Have a look at this Pinterest board on some of the wild designs the world has created.

The Internet is full of debate and commentary on the best fabrics, layers, filters... and at the end of the day, all I really take from all of this is the following

  • a face mask is better than no mask
  • it should be made of a light weight breathable material that drys easily
  • needs to fit well around the mouth and nose
  • must fit comfortably to the ears, and if aournd the head, doesn't mess the hair
  • doesn't pretend to be the shield of all and maybe absolutely nothing -- so caution always prevails
  • hand washing and social distancing are probably sufficient protection


So here is a list for those who have given up on doing their own Face Mask DIY fashion and just want to get a bit of style in this new category of fashion.

All the masks on the list are non-medical masks and not intended to be used in a medical setting where N95 masks are in short supply and in dire need to stop the spread of COVID-19. They are all washable and reusable to limit the impact of the Face Mask Fashion accessory on the planet. 


 Freed & Freed are betting that people are going to want to make a face mask statement


The Winnipeg-based outerwear maker Freed and Freed has jumped into the Face Mask Fashion field with a kids and adults sized mask. The 10-year old garment maker is offering the Adults masks with slogans such as “all for one” and “one for all” embroidered on black masks in pink, blue or white lettering for $15 a mask. The Kids version comes with a “crazy” emoji for $12 each. The company is donating 5% of proceeds to PPE gear for shelters.

  • Filter pocket – No
  • Material -Cotton
  • Straps – Over ear elastic
  • Giving back – 5% of proceeds donated to PPE for Shelters



 House of Jimbo - for when you really want to get your fun on with Face Mask Fashion

Performance artist Jimbo started making masks for frontline workers and the homeless and is looking to support his philanthropic efforts with a line of 24 super fun and eye catching designs. Each mask is named according to the design ranging from the Wonder Woman inspired “Wonder Human in Red” to “Snake Eyes” covered in dice, to the “Babushka” after the quintessential Russian granny apron.  Each mask retails for $25 and is available in 4 sizes ranging from extra small to Large.

  • Filter pocket -yes
  • Material – 100% cotton
  • Straps – adjustable ear straps
  • How they helping – you buy one, and one mask is donated to homeless person in British Columbia


Bathing Belle takes swimming suits to a whole new level with that little bitty face mask

Space dogs, sharks, rasta lion, pink sushi and animal prints bring to life this collection of bold Fashion Face Masks from swimsuit maker Bathing Belle. This Toronto-based designer has complemented their line of suits with a bit more coverup this summer – masks in a multitude of prints for only $15. What’s unique about these masks is they are made of two layers of Lycra fabric, and they have ties around the head which can be adjusted to fit around your ears.

  • Filter Pocket: No
  • Material: 100% Lycra
  • Straps : Around the head or cut for ear hoops
  • Giving Back: you buy, they give to Long Term Care homes

The Orange Room

The Orange Room has the Puffin Design -- very taste face mask fashion coverings


This company has been making unique hats for the past 20 years in their Toronto studio and has now introduced a line of colorful cotton face masks that are held to the head using elastic straps. The company says they are having lots of demand so orders are two weeks out for the 2 layer woven cotton face masks that appear on the company’s website in more than 28 pretty and practical designs. Pricing starts at C$15.95 per mask or about C$14.50 each for a box of 4. 

  • Filter pocket: No
  • Material: Woven cotton
  • Straps : elastic around the ears



Narces fashion face masks are out of this world glam for the newest fashion accessory

If and when we can get back to fancy dinner parties or the opera, then eveningwear designer Narces has the collection that will dazzle and amaze. Seventeen face masks adorn the designer’s website with names that tell all – gold silver sequin mask, camouflage mask, gold lace organza etc.  The 3-layer 100% woven polyester masks are available in one-size and retail for $30 each. The company says each mask is cut individually and the print details are unique to each mask – so a one of a kind face mask fashion piece.
  • Filter pocket – No
  • Material – 100% woven polyester
  • Straps – elastic band ear loops
  • How are they helping – buy one mask, and two masks are donated to local health care


Glasgow face mask coverings are the perfect combination of style, comfort and protection

Jennifer Glasgow design has a very clean cut collection of masks with discrete and tasteful designs, with a range of sizes for adults and children. The Montreal-based studio is making their masks from two layers of cotton with a pouch in the middle for an extra layer of protection, and adjustable ear ties. The stylish creations from this maker of high end sustainable fashion sell for $20 each. Available shipping dates are posted on the company’s color pallet per mask.

  • Filter pocket: yes
  • Material : 100% cotton
  • Straps: Adjustable ear ties



Frank and Oak face mask coverings made from unsold shirt inventory with sustainable fabrics

This Montreal-based sustainable clothing designer has released a very sharp looking face mask covering made from recycling its unsold inventory of shirts. Each shirt can be transformed or upcycled into 5 masks, with the masks retailing at 2 for $24, limit of 3 sets per customer. Frank & Oak has some very sustainable manufacturing processes, using recycled cotton, polyester and wool amongst other materials for its designs. All proceeds from the sale of face masks will be donated to non profit food bank Moisson Montreal

  • Filter pocket: no
  • Material: 100% recycled polyester
  • Ear straps: behind the ear white elastic
  • Giving back: all proceeds to Moisson Montreal food bank



Grandi masks are that perfect Covid-19 kiss when social distancing is a Face Mask away

If you love lips then you are going to love this smoochy collection from Vancouver-based designer Grandi with absolutely dozens of different puckers to adorn this double layer polyrayon face mask. The masks have a pocket inside for a slip in filter and retail for $25.50 each on the company’s Etsy store.

  • Filter pocket: yes
  • Material: polyrayon
  • Straps: black elastic around the ears



Kwesiya face mask fashion beautiful African face covering mask

These absolutely gorgeous African wax fabric prints come in more than 8 designs with the tantalizing name of Arpo, Auri, Isma and Natal to name a few. The price point for these exquisite reversible masks is $15 for adults or $13 for kids’ size and they come with either elastic ear straps or around the head ties.

Handmade in Toronto, these 3 layer masks are sure to make a bold statement and give life in this realm of Face Mask Fashion

  • Filter pocket: no
  • Material: 100% Cotton | African Wax fabric
  • Straps: tie around head or elastic ear straps upon ordering



E3CD face mask fashion with copper protection and styllsh presentation

This Laval, Quebec manufacturer of compression sports wear has a sporty looking mask that are retailing 2 for $19.99. The face mask covering is made of a copper fibre that the company says molds to your face and is reusable and washable. It also touts that their masks have 84.4% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) but not N95 and not intended for medical use.

  • Filter pocket: no
  • Material: Copper fibre
  • Ear Straps: two straps around the head

Uranta Mindful Clothing

 Uranta comfortable and light face mask covering for ultimate branded comfort

This company, based just outside of Toronto, has been making a comfortable lifestyle line of yoga inspired activewear in farily traded factories in Mexico, where they employ single mothers in flexible work environments. To meet the surging demand, the company turned to one of its manufacturing partners and has turned a line of machines that were making socks into a line dedicated to masks.

Uranta is focused on corporate customers needing thousands of comfortable, washable and branded masks in an assortment of colors with maks in quantities of 1,000 starting at only 99 cents each. The company is taking orders now with lead times of less than one week for non-customized face masks and two weeks for logo and custom color masks.

The masks are made of 2 layers of polyester, which is a fabric that is comfortable but does not absorb moisture, and they are touted as a "one hand on and off design" that are washable for 20+ washes. 

  • filter pocket: yes
  • material: polyester, spandex knit
  • straps: comfy around the ear contained elastics


Hayley super creative Face Mask Fashion pieces for daily face covering fun

Like many designers on the Uranta Best Face Mask list, Hayley Elsaesser has merely morphed her quirky designs onto the front of a mask in support of non-medical use of face masks. Catchy and fun designs like Serpentine, Mouthy, 8 Ball Cowboy and our personal favorite Eyegina make for a fun bit of Face Mask Fashion in this 12 piece collection. The masks sell for $25 each with 20% of the purchase price being donated to Foodbankscanada.ca

  • Filter pocket: No
  • Material: Quilted jersey fabric
  • Straps: Over ear elastic
  • Giving Back:  20% of purchase price donated to Foodbankscanada.ca


Encircled non medical face mask covering top of the charts for simplicity

Toronto-based Encircled, which has been making a line of veratile "capsule wardrobe essentials", is taking pre-orders for their organic cotton/recycled polyester masks with shipping ready to go at the end of May.

The masks retail for C$58 for a pack of 5 or $11.60 each and are available in black. These masks have a pocket inside the two layers which the company says is good for a filter or an extra layer of fabric -- with many people choosing to beef up their masks with a coffee filter or a nylon pantyhose (which may or may not reduce breathabilty).

  • Filter pocket: yes
  • Material: GOTS certified blended cotton
  • Straps: white elastic ear band 



theberge face mask covering for the expressionfull fashion face mask revolution

If you like the idea of wearing a pair of blue jeans on your face then this $95 face mask will be the perfect fit for your Face Mask Fashion Wardrobe. These masks, which basically put the crotchline of the jeans down the centre of your face -- well not every mask is the same of course -- are tied behind the head and have an adjustable nose wire. They are washable and come in three sizes – women, men, kids

  • Filter pocket : no
  • Straps: tie around head
  • Material : upcycled denim
  • Giving back : you buy one, they donate one to healthcare worker

Maritime Tartan Co.

Maritime tartan when your face mask fashion is a source of pride and more

This manufacturer of everything Tartan has closed its regular business until July 1st but it has turned its attention to making their Tartan line of face masks – at least 600 masks a week according to their website. The masks are intended for quick trips as they are made of an outer layer of brushed cotton and an inner layer of fleece, and are priced right at only $8 each. The company has 14 styles on their website that aside from Tartan include those for fisherman, Pride, and marijuana affecionados.

  • Filter pocket: no
  • Material: brushed cotton/fleece



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