6 Best face mask coverings for wholesale purchase in Canada

As economies start to reopen and 4.5 billion people are slowly and gradually released from lockdown, cities, states, countries, retailers and airlines are starting to mandate that customers and employees wear facemasks.

Major brands are getting into the action and making masks with colorful designs, actiion figure characters, NHL team logos and just about anything.

Face Mask Fashion is here and likely here to stay for a few years, and many corporations are wondering what their employees faces will look like when people start coming back to work. They are wondering if they should allow DIY Face masks, or Face Mask coverings with branding or expressions that are not in line with their corporate image. Corporations are wondering if they need to protect their brand image by giving employees face masks that are clean, effective and in line with their brand image ?

Here is a list of 10 providers of wholesale, non-medical face masks that can be ordered or pre ordered in Canada.

1. The Orange Room

This company has been making unique hats for the past 20 years in their Toronto studio and has now introduced a line of colorful cotton face masks that are held to the head using elastic straps. The company says they are having lots of demand so orders are two weeks out. Pricing starts at C$15.95 per mask or about C$14.50 each for a box of 4. 

2. Uranta Mindful Clothing Inc.

This company, based just outside of Toronto, has been making a comfortable lifestyle line of yoga inspired activewear in farily traded factories in Mexico, where they employ single mothers in flexible work environments. To meet the surging demand, the company turned to one of its manufacturing partners and has turned a line of machines that were making socks into a line dedicated to masks.

Uranta is focused on corporate customers needing thousands of comfortable, washable and branded masks in an assortment of colors with maks in quantities of 1,000 starting at only 99 cents each. The company is taking orders now with lead times of less than one week for non-customized face masks and two weeks for logo and custom color masks.

The masks are made of 2 layers of polyester, which is a fabric that is comfortable but does not absorb moisture, and they are touted as a "one hand on and off design" that are washable for 20+ washes.

Uranta Mindful Clothing face masks, polyester, washable, non-medical, anti bacterial coating

3. Vistaprint 

Vistaprint has been around forever offering everything from mouse pads to coffee mugs with printed logos for corporate customers.

The company has a polyester with elastic ear loops face mas listed on their website for around $3 each with a minimum order of 5, although the website says they are temporarily out of stock.

4. Mask Appeal Canada

This recently started Winnipeg, Canada company is employing local artisans to make its line of 50 unique patterned face mask coverings. The masks are high quality, durable and washable and are priced at C$25 each or less depending on quantity ordered.

Mask Appeal face mask covering

5. Dream Designs

This Vancouver, Canada based company has been making organic cotton apparel since 1981 and is now producing a 2-layer organic cotton mask in three colors. These tightly woven 100% organic masks are washable, breathable and reusable and retail for C$12 each. The company says on its website that it will take about 10-days to fulfill and ship the order, and they offer a 20% discount for medical workers. 

Organic Cotton Dream Designs face mask covering made in Vancouver, Canada

6. Encircled

Toronto-based Encircled, which has been making a line of veratile "capsule wardrobe essentials", is taking pre-orders for their organic cotton/recycled polyester masks with shipping ready to go at the end of May.

The masks retail for C$58 for a pack of 5 or $11.60 each and are available in black. These masks have a pocket inside the two layers which the company says is good for a filter or an extra layer of fabric -- with many people choosing to beef up their masks with a coffee filter or a nylon pantyhose (which may or may not reduce breathabilty).

Encircled cotton polyester masks with filter pocket