Famed Mexican wrestlers turn costumes into Face Mask Fashion

The famed Mexican Lucha Libre wrestlers are sewing up their own version of Face Mask Fashion to meet the needs of the Mexican population that from one day to the next is forced to wear face masks in major metropolitan areas of the country.

Mexico has taken to face masks overnight as the country's Covid-19 casses are still low as of writing, or at least the reported and tested cases are low. Street sellers are selling face coverings for only a few pesos each on every street corner.

And the Lucha Libre, who have been wearing masks for years and are never shown uncovered, are the perfect folks to fill the demand with their capacity to sew unique and colorful Face Mask Fashion.

The majority of people are taking face mask edicts seriuosly, and while some wear them around their neck or use basic bandanas or homemade versions, the best face mask is something that is professionally made to last, can be washed, and offers total protection of the mouth and nose.

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