Get ready for the face mask fashion explosion on streets and stores everywhere

We are in the midst of a face mask fashion explosion and a lot of face mask DIY for a bit of laughs as airlines, restaurant chains and grocery stores in Canada announce the mandatory fashion accessory for use of employees and customers.

The Canadian coffee chain, Tim Horton's, announced this week that employees would begin wearing face masks, while Air Canada and Longo's have both implemented measures for their customers to adhere to face covering policies.

The best face mask short of the surgical look with an N95 mask made by 3M is a comfortable double ply cloth mask that keeps the water droplets from spraying from your mouth and others' spit from getting into your nose or mouth. Any material will do but the more natural the fibre the more moisture it will hold and the less likely it will last through your shoppping trip -- especially with lines being what they are.