Health Canada face mask guidelines -- Face Mask Fashion

As the world continues on lockdown with more than 4.5-billion shuttered in their homes, Health Canada says that next to handwashing its recommended to wear a face mask when grocery shopping, picking up drugs at the pharmacy or anywhere where 2-meters of social distancing is hard to achieve.

"When physical distancing cannot be maintained, consider wearing a non-medical mask or face covering," says the directive on the health agencies' website.

The government of Canada didn't give any guidelines on face mask fashion, but it does give a bit of advice for face mask DIY including

1. Making your mask from 2 layers of tightly woven fabric materials ... such as the Uranta face mask which is made from 2 woven layers or polyester (BUY HERE)

2. Make it large enough to completely cover your mouth and nose

3. Securely fit it with ties or ear loops

4. Make sure its comfortable and doesn't constantly require adjustment or you will be touching your face more than you know.

5. Change it when it becomes damp or dirty

6. Make sure it keeps its tight fitting shape to your face after washing and drying.

Of course, making masks while in quarantine or lockdown is a good way for the family to keep busy, but once we are all "free" to resume living and masks are mandatory it's going to be good to stock up a few dozen washable and durable masks for everyday living.