Homemade face mask production ties bread making in the lockdown era


Homemade facemasks are filling the hours of locked down people around the world as flour makers in Canada report they are running out of bags because of a sudden boon in break making.

It's a crazy world we have entered but at least some are keeping entertained by trying their hand at face mask fashion.

We here at Uranta Mindful Clothing are fast on our way to getting our first shipments of the Uranta Happy Mask out the door -- happy because they are priced affordably for everyone and everyday living, they are comfortable and good for the environment as they can be washed 80 times or more and still keep their shape.

The best face mask or face mask covering after N95 masks, which are really only necessary in a hospital setting, are something thats 2-ply and comfortable, moisture wicking and hold firmly to the face covering the mouth and nose. Whether they are effective is a matter of debate, but it only makes sense to keep our own water droplets to ourselves during a pandemic.

The Uranta face mask -- a mask you live in.


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