World is moving to mandatory face mask wearing and consumers are getting gouged

As the world, country by country, moves past peak COVID-19 infection rates, some countries are finally letting their citizens live, work and play outside the home but the grim reality is that face coverings are becoming the new reality for being allowed to exist in public spaces.

The Czech Republic is one of the first countries to mandate face masks in public spaces, while other select jurisdictions are starting to follow suit. Face mask stands can be seen around Czech offering face mask fashion coverings to passerbys with a donation box

This weekend, Spain announced that children would be allowed to go out and play for a one hour period accompanied by one adult -- but not without their face masks and gloves.

And meanwhile in Canada, where the majority of the population is still locked down, face masks have become mandatory accessories for shopping trips, although major retailers like Shoppers Drug Mart have no qualms gouging consumers looking for N95 masks with the mind boggling price of $14.99 for one mask.

shoppers drug mart face covering n95 mask face mask

Of course, the best face mask doesn't have to be a N95 mask if you are not in a hospital setting, and can simply be two layers of tightly woven fabric that hold tightly to the face to cover the mouth and nose.

Uranta Mindful Clothing ( has been making yoga clothing for the past decade and one of her manufacting partners has turned their factory in Puebla, Mexico to making face masks -- comfortable masks at a very affordable price starting at only 99 cents each for a purchase of 1000 masks. Check them out at